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Vehicle access is limited as the facility is not located on a public road. so we recommend access by foot or bicycle. That said, if you have special accessibility needs that restrict you from entering the facility without a car, let us know!

Aberdeen Road, Novato, CA 94949
* M-F 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Call or email ahead of time to arrange a visit to the facility

NBS currently stewards the Hamilton/Bel Marin Keys Wetlands Restoration site, which is beautiful and vast! The 2,500 acres were pristine wetlands until the 1850s. The Hamilton portion (700 acres) has been reconstructed with the beneficial reuse of dredge material and a design appropriate for sea level rise. The BMK portion (1800 acres) entered the first phase of restoration in 2019.

The land

At our facilities, you can delight in thousands of native seedlings growing in the nursery or see meadows of native grasses growing in in-ground propagation beds. You can enjoy local community art from “ArtWorking with our Wetlands”, and learn about the history and significance of the restoration project through interactive posters.

Our attractions